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Through our own research and personal adventures in education, we are inspired to better understand the impact programs have on participants. We are experienced in qualitative research methods and believe that by exploring participant experience through methods that highlight the rich, but often overlooked, experiences of program participants, we can help organizations to better understand their short- and long-term impact.



Numbers, or quantitative data, provide a sound summary of participant experience.  Diving deeper into the lived experience of participants can help provide a more complete picture of that experience. This in turn can help organizations better understand their program’s influence on participants, highlighting the aspects of the program that do well and the areas for improvement, based on the program’s specific goals and objectives.

Specialized professional support.

With a serious bent towards improving evaluative thinking, we offer consulting for your organization or collaborative to support you in your strategic thinking and evaluation planning.  If you don’t know what either of those terms mean, that’s okay. We’ll help you with that too.


Our frame of mind is motivated by creating sustainable and healthy communities for all, including equitable, inclusive and safe access to nature for ALL people.  We can support your organization or collaborative in thinking about best practices centered on these frames of mind and help you establish a path forward that not only gets you sharing (or shouting at the top of your lungs) your story, but also aims to support lasting influence among the communities you aim to serve.





Facilitate staff development.

We’ll help you do you better.  In tandem with our consulting model, we also want to help your organization or collaborative become more sustainable from within.  We’ll work with your people to give them knowledge, skills, and resources to keep on doing what you do in way that arches towards sustainable, equitable access to connecting with nature.  In all its various forms.

Bridging relevant research and practitioners.

Have you ever googled a topic of interest only to find that the research that you just know will explain it all is not accessible?  Or, you have to take out a microloan to access it?  Us too.  That’s why we’re hell bent on trying to improve practitioner access to research in a way that’s truly accessible.  We’re also working with our academic friends to help build and improve that bridge as well.


We’ll connect you with the research relevant to your work and help you understand how it applies to your organization.  We’re definitely not the inventors of this research bridge wheel thing, but we sure do preach its power.


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