Projects + Collaborators

Our work aims to help you share YOUR story;

a story informed by the participant experience.


The following projects highlight the variety of ways that we work with organizations throughout Colorado and beyond.


The Outdoor Foundation's Thrive Outside Community Initiative aims to support communities in connecting children, youth and families to the outdoors through multiple, repeat experiences.  Blue Lotus is working hand-in-hand with Thrive community networks to help share the story of how intentional, strategic support can leverage stronger community connections to the outdoors; thereby helping each community's children and youth understand that the outdoors can become a place of healing, resilience, connection and joy.

Nature Kids | Jovenes de la Naturaleza (NKJN) is an GOCO Inspire Site grantee.  Blue Lotus has been working in partnership with the collaborative since 2016 to support NKJN in understanding the many ways in which this initiative is working to connect Lafayette children, youth & families to the natural world.


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Collaboration is at the heart of Blue Lotus. Without the reaching out and up and across, we wouldn't be where we are today. With gratitude, we recognize the organizations who have shared their table.

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