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At my core, I'm a geographer.  It's how I fell in love with this whole human-nature connection thing in the first place.  It was a natural extension of my own deep knowing and lived experience.

I'm now a qualitative researcher by training and came to be so through great collaborations and mentoring, primarily during my tenure as a graduate research assistant in the Children, Youth & Environments Center at CU Boulder.  Prior to that, I plunked around as an environmental scientist in the Texas hill country.

I love hearing stories of others' lived experience.  Truth be told, I think this is one of the most sacred acts we can share with one another.  To "talk story" and hold get to pay witness to another's life and the meaning they make of it; indeed, it's an honor.   


After nearly a decade of doing this work, I find that it is true: we really do belong to each other. 


Corrie Colvin Williams, PhD

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